Readers Question: Green Cocktail Dress for Clear Spring

Question:    Hi, I would love it if you could please do some more on Clear Spring. I have a family wedding (black tie) to go to and I am looking for a beautiful dress in a green that would make me feel really confident. Also any other casual outfits in the other colors would be wonderful, as there does not seem to be very much available for this season.
Thank you very much.

I will be making post on Clear Spring after I finish with Winter Seasons. As for Green Dress for Wedding for Clear Spring I recommend colors : 
*Apple Green
*Emerald Turquoise
*Emerald Green
*Yellow Green
*Light Moss
*Kelly Green

The key to Clear Spring is to wear Clear colors not Muddy.
Black -Tie means Long or Dressy Cocktail Dress. Im not sure what is your Budget or Body Type but think of this Images as a little direction to your Perfect Dress!

Lotusgrace Pleated Satin Dress  {$475}

This are all Cocktail Dresses if You are looking for Gown I recommend to look for Similar Colors or  Alternative ~Salmon is wonderful color for all Springs.

Theia. Beaded Silk Strapless Dress {$795}

Ask me any Fashion& Color Question.


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  1. Please do more on the different spring seasons! I'm stuck in the springs! I can't decide if I'm clear or light, and sometimes I even wonder if I'm warm. I'm sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for more updates! I love everything you've done so far, and I hope you update soon!


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