Cool Winter Color Palette

Cool Winter 
has beautiful color  palette.
All Shades of Grey and Blue look stunning on You!
Read more in my Article: Cool Winter Explained.

{image: betsywhite}

Cool Winter Work

For you to pick Color of the Suit is so much easier then other seasons, just stick with blues and grays as your neutrals. Try taupe suit or dress with raspberry blouse or accessory. 
This look was inspired by 60-s {Mad Man era}. Lately this trend has been very popular with Designers.  I felt like this dress is Perfect representation of 60-s.

You can actually wear all of this looks.

{banana republic store}

Cool Winter Casual

Bright periwinkle and charcoal or ice colors looks marvelous on you.

{images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5}

Cool Winter Evening

Little Black Dress might be too intense for you. Royal Blue is Stunning alternative to Black. 

What do you think of this looks?

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