Warm Autumn

Warm+ Soft/Dark= Warm Autumn

Hair: Auburn, red, golden blonde.
Skintone: Warm Beige, ivory often with freckles.
Eyes: Topaz, hazel, warm green, teal blue.

The Warm Autumn Color Palette  is  spicy and rich. 

Level of contrast 
: Medium.

You have Warm Autumn coloring with no Cool undertones.
 I Find  Warm season's to be Exceptionally Gorgeous, 
You Red Hair look stunning on the Contrast 
with Dark Amethyst or Emerald Green.

In your Cloth try to use Deep Colors Of Earth and Leaves in Autumn.
 Brown, Rusted red, Pumpkin, Olive Green, Mustard, Emerald. 

Use Teal or Periwinkle Blue as opposed to Bright Green and Royal Blue.

Avoid Soft Pink And Cool Toned Colors, It will make you look  Grey instead .
If you like Red, You should choose Tomato Red; Raspberry or Cherry Red will not Suit You.

Investment Buys:

*Dark Chocolate
*Grey Green
*Dark Bronze

Best Colors:

Camel, khaki, coffee brown, cream, medium brown, dark brown, light salmon, dark peach, salmon, pumpkin, rust, terracotta, aubergine, light yellow, light moss, evergreen, marigold, emerald turquoise, teal, forest green, light periwinkle, purple. 


Gold, Warm Stones, Silver with Warm Stones.

Warm Autumn Celebrities:

Marcia Cross
Julianne Moore
Debra Messing

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